A ‘Cookie Jar’ framework

Hi guys, Max here. I write about productivity and habits that help us achieve more.

I continue my experiment with a daily habit of writing short notes.

Today I wanted to discuss a framework called “Cookie jar”. It’s a concept that can help us unlock the hidden superpower when we need it most.

The story behind

The idea of this framework was shared by David Goggins in his “Can’t Hurt Me” book. It’s called a “Cookie jar” because of his analogy from childhood.

When he was a kid, David’s mom had a jar full of cookies. Each time he picked a cookie from that jar, it felt like a small victory. A dose of motivation every time.

The idea of the framework is to remember such small victories from the past, in order to achieve something big.

How does it work?

1) When our life gets tough, we need a source of power. “Cookie jar” provides us with a source of it – using our past achievements.

2) Getting into our mental “cookie jar” means reminding ourselves about the complicated and challenging things we did in the past. Our achievements are our “cookies” that boost our power.

3) This strengthens our confidence and makes us believe that we can overcome the next challenge that’s in front of us.

4) Believing that we CAN do something – makes us a few steps closer to our goal.

How can you use it?

  • When you face a challenge that doesn’t seem realistic for you – remember a few challenging things you did before. Since you’ve managed to do them – you’ll be able to overcome this next challenge too.
  • If you think: “I don’t have any achievements” – you can easily fix that. Start with something small, even ridiculously small – and keep doing it. Consistency over intensity is the key principle here.
  • Remember: you can’t run a marathon without running the first mile. No big achievements are made without small victories. Every time you do something good (no matter how small it is) – include it in your “cookie jar”. It will help you next time when things get tough.
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That was it for today. Every letter that I write is my personal “cookie”. I use it to strengthen my willpower and boost my confidence.

I wish you start your own routine of strengthening your willpower. One cookie at a time.

​Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow.