Max Reva

Product Manager @ madgicx

📌 My name is Max and I’m a product manager at madgicx!
💜 It’s a fast growing startup in ad optimization and marketing automation space. We increase ROAS for thousands of advertisers!
Before working with product, I had started my career as a 🗒️ copywriter, who switched into 📢 Facebook Marketing, who was doing freelance 👨💻 software development, and also 📈 analytics and ads management. 😅

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At different points of my career, I was:
🕹️ building indie Android game which got featured in local newspaper & got 15k+ installs in 2 days
🌎 managing a team of 10+ remote copywriters and 5+ designers
✍️ building content strategy for Facebook pages with 5+ mln subscribers
📊 managing Facebook Ads with >$20k monthly budget
🤖 building automated reporting systems for clients (Python, Google Sheets, Data Studio)


Today, besides being a product manager, I am a self-taught 🐍 Python developer and nocode hobbyist who builds small projects in the free time.

Sometimes I do tweeting too!

I also listed all of the tools that I use at a separate page of this blog.

If you have any questions or you just want to talk, please, feel free to reach me on any platform:
Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook!


🟡 Mapping ideas and Comments Collection:
Figma – a tool that designers use for prototyping and making product mockups. First I started using it just to provide comments on those, but eventually I found some good use cases for myself on how to organize tasks & comments in Figma. I even made a youtube video on how I use Figma as a product manager 🤓
Miro – one of the best products for mind mapping and collaboration. IMO, there is no better way to structure your thoughts on anything, than Miro. Product discovery, planning, mapping the areas, – all of these and much more can be done here with a nice UI. I made a video how I use Miro too, by the way!
Fireshot – the best screenshot-taking app I’ve discovered in my life (after switching to Ubuntu). It just has everything one might need! It’s a lot better than its competitors like Joxi or LightShot in terms of performance, absence of advertising and privacy.

🟡 Visualization & Analytics:
Google Sheets – one of my favorite tools overall due to its simplicity, availability and potential. So much can be done with Sheets, starting from marketing analytics to personal goal setting and family budget management. There is also a video on how I use Sheets in my product management career too.
Google Data Studio – it’s as powerful as Sheets, but with a great visualization capacity. Just love its simplicity and the wide range of use cases it can be used for.
Google Analytics – a simple way to analyse what’s going on on this blog 🤓

🟡 Video & Images:
Adobe After Effects – during the time that I was actively managing Facebook Ad accounts, I was experimenting with video graphics. Nice visuals can make a difference in ad performance, so my goal was to learn from the coolest brands in the niche I was working at and to do something catchy & converting myself. That’s where After Effects helped me a lot!
Adobe Photoshop – although it’s not available on Ubuntu, Photoshop is a handy tool that I’ve been using for years for small tweaks here and there. Today I’m using GIMP instead, but it’s not such an easy replacement.
Adobe Premiere Pro / Shotcuts – Premiere Pro did a great job at helping me edit youtube videos. Since it’s not available on Ubuntu as well, I switched to Shotcuts for doing the same /basic video editing/.

🟡 Software Development:
Python – the idea of learning Python came out of necessity to automate Facebook Ads reporting at a minimum cost. I also realized that it’s pretty straightforward language which is also amazingly powerful. Making your first apps that actually work as a non-developer makes you so proud!
Putty / WinSCP / Filezilla – for managing my python scripts on remote machine I use these tools.
Vultr – the best hosting provider I’ve worked with. It’s comparatively cheap and easily scalable.
Visual Studio Code / Jupyter Notebooks – Jupyter was my first environment to start playing with Python, but later I realized that VSC gives you more freedom & flexibility.

🟡 Time Management & Planning:
Google Calendar – a must-have tool for checking your daily schedule & syncing with team.
Calendly – a must-have tool for scheduling calls with the customers.
Notion – I like its simplicity & UI! Use it for storing personal ideas & for a kind of to-do list for my professional goals.
Clickup – it’s a great tool due to its wide range of use cases and high level of customization, but to be honest it’s not the simplest one to start using regularly. We use it for syncing multiple teams, so it does its main job pretty well. But its loading speed could be better sometimes.
Trello – I use it for storing stuff around some particular project or idea. Love the concept of lists/cards that can be used for one goal. I also have a Youtube video on how I use Trello for product management.
Toggl Track – a great app for tracking my time. The habit to track time started during my freelancing days, when I needed to do it to charge clients. Today I keep doing it just to understand better how much time gets invested into which type of activity. It also has some cool features, such as shortcuts to start/stop tracking and pomodoro timer.

🟡 Communication:
Slack – despite all of the distraction it brings into our life, slack still remains a #1 tool for communication with team. Love its ‘remind me’ feature that helps you do lots of reminders for future.
Discord – for group calls, this tool looks more fun and convenient. Slack has also this feature, but joining a room to discuss something has its own charm 🙂
Zoom – I don’t like it that much as Slack or Discord tbh, but it’s the only popular way to connect with someone like a customer quickly. Also it’s the way of communication I set in Calendly, once someone schedules a call with me.
Telegram – #1 tool for personal communication with all features you may need + for storing personal stuff in saved + for family budget bot I made with Python 🤓

🟡 PC:
Ubuntu – my fav OS so far ❤️. It works faster and brings you less troubles with security updates. It’s also completely free and looks fancier.
Windows 10 – since the very first day I’ve started using PC as a kid, Windows has been the only option among all the OSes out there 😅. I’ve been giving it hundreds of chances, again and again, trying to optimize every process to make it work faster. Sometimes it did, but overall my productivity wasn’t that good despite improved hardware. That’s how I moved to Ubuntu! 🤓
Google Chrome – even though I stopped using Chrome for a few months just to validate or reject that it’s incredibly slow & loads my system, I continue using it today! 🤓 Chrome wasn’t the key element to slow down my PC -> Windows was! Chrome is just to good to be rejected as a main browser!
Mozilla – there was a time in my life that I’ve been using Firefox trying to make browsing faster. Although it’s not bad, Chrome is still better 😅 I was struggling with it because of the inability to insert emojis as easily as on Chrome in Windows.

🟡 Chrome Extensions:
1clickVPN – a quick & easy way to change your location for sites that aren’t accessible in your country
Emoji Keyboard by JoyPixels – I suspect that Ubuntu is the reason why I don’t see custom emoji keyboard in my Chrome. That’s why I need this one
Loom for Chrome – Loom doesn’t have desktop app for Ubuntu
OBSstudio – that’s a tool I promise to switch to from Loom one day 😅
Kill News Feed – stop being distracted by FB/Twitter/Linkedin news feeds. A must-have if you are working on something that requires you opening social network site during the workday.
Hide Facebook Stories – this one serves the same goal as the one above
Open Multiple URLs – a handy addon to open a list of urls quickly when you need it
Music Mode for Youtube – I’ve been soo happy when I found this one. It’s still buggy a big and may play the wrong music track, but the goal of it is to hide all the music previews and to disable video in Youtube Music. The primary goal of it is to stop distraction as well.